The 1960's - The Wombat World Tour Begins in Black and White!
Brooke, Gary & John sitting on
Brooke's sax case--OK, some
keyboard guys are taller!
Gary, Brooke & Richard and Lee,
the invisible drummer!
Safari Beach Motel,
Daytona Beach, 1964
where we played
afternoons in trade for a
free room.  Later each
night we moved to Club
Martinique and alternated
with the house band until
1 AM, playing for the biker
gangs attending Daytona
Bike Week.  We will never
forget the bikers from the  
Fugarewe Tribe from
Illinois who had dance
routines that rivaled
anything the showbands
ever did.
Some more Daytona Beach shots...
Steve displayes his physique by the pool-
surefire way to pick up chicks!
Since the Mr. Muscle approach fails to work
for some reason, he tries the snappy
convertible approach.