We've played some great venues...
Gary and
The Wombat
Wagon at The
Sands, Somer's
Point, NJ  1963
John and
Brian, the
7th Wombat, at
Hoboken's Famous
Maxwell's, where
our dubious "hit"
Squidgy Bod was
requested in 1998
Rancho Encantado, Santa Fe, for
the WombatillenniumFiesta Party
welcoming the new millennium 2000
Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant &
Music Club, Somerville, MA  1996
(Boston Phoenix Ad at left)
A benefit for Santa Fe Children's
Museum at Rancho Encantado
(Santa Fe New Mexican article below)
Safari Beach Motel, Daytona Beach, Spring
Break 1964 - the beach by day, (yes, that's
John up there), the parking lot gig at 4 PM
(below) , then on to Club Martinique from 9 to
1 AM - and then on 3 occasions back to the
seawall at the beach for a 1AM - 3AM  finish!
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