A hightlight of our Wombat World Tour occurred in 1997 on our "Twist & Shout Tour"
when we encouraged The Moppets, another '60's New England band, to come out of a
30-year retirement and join us at Mt. Holyoke (their alma mater) and Clinton Country
Club.  We had a blast!
From the left:  - Bev, Alisa, Pam,
Gretchen and Kathie in 1997.  

We are saddened to learn that
Gretchen, Alisa and Pam have
all passed away leaving Bev and
Kathie to carry on.  

Below:  Steve, John, Leon,
Semi-famous Gary,  Brooke and
Richard at the
Wombatillennium FIesta,
January 1, 2000.  
Can you find them in their
pictures from the 1960's?   Yes,
time has treated the Moppets
much better...but they had
better material to work
with...more hair!
The Wombat Wagon, a '49 Packard Hearse,
was a familiar sight hauling the group around
New England and down to Daytona Beach.
The Moppets also traveled in a FUNeral Car.   
Judy L'Hommedeau (now) Jones, below and to
the right, is the longest-reigning Wombette.  
The hearse died long ago;  now we use a
Volvo with a trailer.
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That's Steve in the blue bathing suit....
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