"We are family...."  Wmbats & Wombettes and more....
Brooke, doing what he does best, and
Judy Jones reminding him he shouldn't
be eating yet another portion...
Gary Thomson checks
the vintage (and Judy)
at Chez McDunKeenton.
Beth Adams Smith, with
soymilk,  and Richard
Yeadon Smith, with beer,
at Casa Flance.
Venda and Lee Robinette.  We miss
both, but we feel your spirit.
Kristen Warner Flance
and Steve Flance , our
Santa Fe connection!
Carol McKeen and
John Dunton--dancin'
fools! Taken at Mt.
Holyoke College
Reunion Party
The WombatillenniumFiesta meant singing with your kids and watching your beautiful
daughters and wives dance to the music.  At left Rachel joins her Dad Steve while
Shannon Jones keeps time.  Right picture:  Judy and Laura Jones on the left, Kristen and
Hannah  Flance on the right...though the politics are reversed.
The "Kids" at the WombatillenniumFiesta 1/1/2000
strike a Wombat pose at Rancho Encantada, Santa Fe:    
Brian Dunton, Maria McCarthy, Krissy Scholer, Jason Smith,
Shannon and Rick Jones, Rachel and Hannah Flance,
Amanda Smith, and Laura Jones.
Some celebrated the
New Millennium from
afar...David and Noah
Dunton at home in
Jersey City, NJ
That's just about
the end
to the future
Sam and Evie Thomson were father
and mother to The Wombats for
over 40 years. They were still
coming to the clubs where we
played in 2001.  We miss youboth .